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Winter Wonderland that lives on well past “Holiday” timeline

Winter Wonderland that lives on well past “Holiday” timeline


Winter Wonderland at Compass Self StorageLOOK what we found! Spring may be just around the corner, but that did not close down this Winter Village. Fred and Lorraine, Managers at Compass Self Storage meticulously care for this grand display that will only last for a limited time. Read More here: http://bit.ly/HV-Winter-Wonderland

Posted by Happy Villager on Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Have you ever seen a labor of love so grand, wrapped up in Winter flare so heartwarming that you simply couldn’t put it away? Well, we wouldn’t want to either. That is exactly what Compass Self Storage has set up and you sincerely do not want to miss out! They really don’t keep a set time for taking down this splendor of Christmas magic until the weather really starts to warm up here in The Villages, Florida. Who can really blame them? We at HappyVillager.com sure won’t.

Compass Self Storage Winter Village Scene

Each piece of this beautiful Winter village has a story and a feeling that anybody would be eager to experience without any regard to the time of year.

Lorraine and Fred Liebenau, managers at Compass Self Storage in Oxford, Fl, have been married 54 years this coming May, the Honeymooner hotel was the piece that started it all. Fred went to Hallmark to purchase a card and came back with the beginning of a Christmas tradition. While taking in this display you will also find a diner, from Department 56, with a couple sharing a root beer float, this represents Lorraine and Fred 55 years ago. Your eyes want to take it all in and you can spend so much time marveling and soaking in every piece expertly placed. We want to reiterate, EVERYTHING has a story and you can feel it. Their son has a Harley so, of course, there is a Harley Shop and water tower. They have a Compass Self Storage billboard, that fits right in. Fred likes licorice, there is a licorice house with his name right on it.

Winter Village Compass Storage The Villages

The expansive list includes and is certainly not limited to:  ice skating rinks, ball room dances, light houses tucked into the mountains, several different chalets, skiers, talking Christmas tree lot, kids having snowball fights, bride and groom, wine cellar, beauty salon, Santa in the Town Square, windmills, a carnival complete with Ferris wheel, hot air balloon and merry-go-round, farms and lots of animals. To top it off, any village (life sized or miniature) wouldn’t be complete without a Starbucks on the corner; yes, they have that too! This winter wonderland truly has it all and It really is all in the details.

Compass Self Storage Stillwater The Villages

With a total of 82 houses on their display, like most residential communities, they will be expanding within the next year to make this presentation even greater than you can imagine. After being taken down and carefully stored, this Winter village will begin to be pieced back together in October of 2016. It will also include, for your viewing pleasure, a railway system running through it and so much more, we will let the rest be a surprise for you!



It will be up for just a while longer, you sure don’t want to miss this. Take a trip over to Compass Self Storage, bring your family and friends and ENJOY!


Compass Self Storage Winter Villages in The Villages


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