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Visit The Glitz on 466 in The Villages, FL


“Custom everything” is what this one of a kind Home Décor establishment boasts. And, boy oh boy that is exactly what you get from the moment you step inside. Sisters Kerri Farkus and Tori Sanders have owned The Glitz on 466 for the past 5 years, originally located in Spanish Springs known as “All Occasions Home Décor”. Their passion and experience in party planning and home decorating for friends and family inspired their dream to reach out and fueled their desire for over the top decorating to really show people the creativity and beauty they could bring.

In 2010, “All occasion’s home décor” launched and remained for two years. However, a larger space was needed to meet the demand for home décor expansion. Catering and party planning soon had to retire as the rise of the excitement of their fanciful décor grew. The Glitz on 466 is aptly named and reflects the over the top and glitzy decorating styles of these two women. “We enjoy doing this now just as much as we did from the very beginning.” said Kerri.

Bringing in items from market around the country and making them look beautiful, unique and fancy truly is a love for Tori and Kerri. The excitement of their customers is their drive. They dedicate every day to the wonderment of the customers, so that patrons can walk in and enjoy that “kid in the candy store” feeling. Uniqueness is key when it comes to the items in this store. One day an item may be here but don’t think too long on that purchase because it might not be here the next time. They pride themselves on having one of a kind items, interesting conversational pieces that simply are breathtaking.

If you have a decorating need for your home and need to customize, this is the place to be. From every aspect of home décor down to that finishing touch, customization is their calling card. Miss Jane does all of their custom florals with remarkable flare and beauty.

What not to miss out on:

Jewelry- Some of the most beautiful jewelry you will hope to find! Bracelets, necklaces, statement pieces, accessories galore! The jewelry is unique and show stopping, a true reflection of the heart of designers.

Full time monogram studio- So if you purchase something here and would enjoy your namesake on it they have you covered. Have something already at home and would like it monogramed? Bring that in too!

Gourmet foods, hostess gifts, handmade gifts for parties, specialty gifts for all occasions.

Holidays here are extravagant, the store changes to match that holiday or theme. So, yes they make all custom wreaths as well. You can buy one right of the wall or have one made tailored just for your home and your style.

One thing is for sure The Glitz on 466 will impress, we at Happy Villager had a hard time leaving. There is so much to take in. Remember to come here as often as possible as their items for the most part are for a limited time. You will not want to miss a thing!

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The Glitz on 466 – The Villages, FL