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The Villages Sports Card & Collectible Club Show


Happy Villager was invited to enjoy a “Show and Sell” put on at the Laurel Manor Rec Center hosted by The Villages Sports Card and Collectible Club.

This is a club created by The Villages residents for The Villages residents; for the purpose of sharing of sports material and in the process create an atmosphere for collecting, trading and selling.  The club started about 9 years ago and it started out as a very small club that really has grown in its own right. This “Show and Sell” was spectacular! The enthusiasm and knowledge held by each representative was astounding. We sat down and spoke with Stuart Sachs whom has been the President of this club for the past five years and has been with this club for the 7 years that he has been living in The Villages, Fl. He is a devoted Mets fan and proclaims that baseball is the prominent sport in collectibles “Always has been and probably always will be” he says.

Sachs is a proud baseball collector and a 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers baseball signed by Jackie Robinson would be his most prized possession to date! Stu lived in Brooklyn for 23 years and in the most recent of his years found his way down to live in The Villages, Fl. He stated he loves The Villages so much because of all there is to do! He also said that getting to play golf four or five times a week is a big plus and when it comes to clubs “if you can’t find one that interest you, you start one!” He has started 3 clubs personally and with a grand total of five different clubs, he is either on the board or President.

What really stands out about The Villages Sports Card and Collectible Club is the amazing finds and antiques that the members bring to the shows, more specifically, The “Show and Sell” that they have at least twice a year, once in January and then again in September. People drive in from all over to see what the numerous members are showcasing, raffling and selling.

Monthly meetings are held on the second Monday of the month at 7pm in the Jasmine Room of Hibiscus Recreation Center, 1740 Bailey Trail. The Villages residents are encouraged to join at any monthly meeting. Annual dues are $10.00