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Stu’s hobby, or should we say passion for Sports Collectibles

Stu’s hobby, or should we say passion for Sports Collectibles



Loving the Game! Mets 4 Life! BASEBALL!!MET’S 4 LIFE!!!…says not only Mike Piazza, newly voted Major League Baseball Hall of Famer but, Stu Sachs as well, a long time devoted fan! The New York Mets have left quite a stamp on both of their lives. Read more below.
Mike Piazza Article: bit.ly/PiazzaHOF-MLB
Stu Sachs Article: bit.ly/StuSachs-Mets4Life

Posted by Happy Villager on Wednesday, July 6, 2016

From Brooklyn New York to south Florida and now having lived in Florida for almost 40 years, Stu Sachs came to Central Florida and fell in love with the lifestyle that The Villages, Florida has to offer. Having heard about it from his sister, the wide variety of activities and beautiful houses made his decision easily clear.  He has been a resident of The Villages for about six and a half years now and finds comfort with his loving wife Barbara here in The Villages.

Feeling very well adapted and with the abundance of friends, Stu was ready to get involved in club activities. He doesn’t like to sit around and he sure keeps himself busy. Aside from playing golf and spending time with his wife, he fills up the rest of his time with the Sports Card and Collectibles Club, T.V. Nostalgia Club, Classic Movie Lovers Club, The New York Mets Club, The Stickball Club and Borscht Belt Club. A couple of these he started himself.

Stu Sachs-The Game Room!-Baseball

The Sports Card and Collectibles Club was the very first club that he joined. An avid collector himself, he started collecting sports memorabilia in the 1950’s. From childhood to adulthood he has had an infinity and an eye for collecting sports memorabilia. This has been a passion that he has also shared with his kids as they were growing up and he is so proud to leave this legacy and pass it down to his children. The Brooklyn Dodgers were his team undoubtedly. When the Dodgers left town, he was heartbroken. “Like a man without a country” he reminisces. But, then in 1962 The Mets started and he instantly became a diehard Met fan and remains such to this day.

Stu's Man Cave-covered in a love for Baseball

Autographed balls would be his predominate form of collecting, though he is a very specific collector. He started out collecting baseball cards and had set out to obtain every baseball card from when The Mets started in 1962 up to 1990 and is only one card shy from completing this triumphant collection.  One of his most unique items that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else, would be a basketball autographed by football legend Joe Namath! Stu goes on to tell us a funny story about how he was at a basketball game and came upon Joe Namath and all he had at the time was a basketball, but that wasn’t going to stop him from getting the signature of this football icon. One of his most prized possessions for sentimental value, hands down is a 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers baseball autographed by Jackie Robinson, Roy Campanella, Duke Sniderand the rest of the guys.

Love the Brooklyn Dodgers

Coming from New York, Stickball was something he really enjoyed in his much younger days, upon finding out that there was a club for that too, he joined that as well. “It makes you feel like a little kid, living back in Brooklyn” Stu says of his fondness for The Stickball Club. To him the really great thing is, in The Villages, if there isn’t a club for something you would enjoy, you can start your own club. With this capability and teaming with friends he started the T.V. Nostalgia Club, Classic Movie Lovers Club and The Mets Club.

The Hit Pic Ty Cobb with Stu Sachs in The Villages

His days and nights are full, but he is fervent on setting aside his weekends to spend time with Barbara, herself with many activities and clubs of her own. Weekends are spent with trips out together and exploring restaurants.  He and Barbara do love some good ole Latin food. His favorite place to eat would be The Mojo Grill in Belleview, FL We shared a good chuckle talking about his love for greasy foods and how he really is quite the “food connoisseur”; so much that, friends will often call him for recommendations.

Stu Sachs is a very Happy Villager. He truly gets involved in all that he can. When you see the excitement on his face and hear the heart in his voice, you know he is more than proud to call The Villages, FL HOME.