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How was National Donut Day?

How was National Donut Day?



Jim and Barb McGrath of St. James Village stopped into Dunkin Donuts in Brownwood on their way out for the day. She was delighted to show Happy Villager her appreciation, “What a great treat!”

The big Question was… Where do I go to get my free donut in The Villages, FL?!? The Anwer was most definitely, Dunkin Donuts. In honor of National Donut Day, Dunkin Donuts decided to give away a FREE Donut with any drink puchase. Villagers came out from all over and enjoyed the sweet taste of donuts coupled with their favorite coffee or latte.

Just as the door opens, Fresh Donuts at Dunkin Donuts in Brownwood were on full display. Customers in The Villages were ready for these donuts as early as 7:30A.M.!

Dunkin Donuts on Wedgewood Lane was bustling early. Fresh Coffee was immediatly ready and the donuts were fully stocked. Beautiful, but the quantity sure did not last long. Almost as soon as they disappeared, they were re-filled by a busy employee.

The line was out the Door at Dunkin Donuts on Wedgewood Lane. Customers waited between 10-15 minutes just to place their order…in June! They happily waited and were accomodated quickly and with a big Dunkin Donuts SMILE! As stated one employee “Smiles are also FREE!”

Spanish Springs ended up being standing room only, for a part of the day!

Rich Olson from the village of Summerhill  and his grandson Andrew were so HAPPY to share in the excitement as they proudly displayed 1 dozen donuts from Dunkin Donuts on Wedgewood Lane. One donut would not do it for these two!

All in all, National Donut Day truly ended on a ‘sweet’ note for Villagers and all patrons alike. Did you know, National Donut Day started with the Salvation Army Women in 19?? See our corresponding blog to answer this question here