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Golfing with Friends in The Villages, FL

Golfing with Friends in The Villages, FL


Winter Golfing with Friends in The Villages, FLHAVING FUN YET??? Golfing is great fun and even better when you’re with your spouse or friends. We have put together a good list of how to REALLY change up your game this year, along with 18 more from GolfDigest! See more on HappyVillager.com and let us know what you think.

Posted by Happy Villager on Friday, January 29, 2016

Ladies and Gentleman, a new year comes with a whole new set of resolutions: I am going to lose that extra 10, 20, 50 pounds this year, I will say “no” to the extra nightcap before bed, I will work less and smile more; whatever that promise is, it is safe to say resolutions come easy but keeping them is a whole other story.

Have you considered making a new type of resolution? Perhaps a lighter one. One with a larger chance of success. According to GolfDigest.com making a resolution catered to your golfing could be, simple, more satisfying and not too hard to follow through with. Just grab your foursome and follow the steps they have laid all out on the table for you!

To be honest, though, some of these tips are surely doable like, “Dress the Part”, “Walk the Walk”, “Take an aspiring golfer under your wing”. But let’s see you tackle the other suggestions like “Travel back in Time” or “Campaign to get Bill Murray on the Ryder Cup team”.

Either way, we hope your New Year is full of joy, friends, and a whole lot of GOLF! Have fun, take a load off, and don’t take it so serious! I have come up with my very own fun set of resolutions (very loosely titled as such).

  1. Make it your goal to be the golfer in the ‘funny’ pants.
  2. Instead of shouting “Fore!” at a nice long shot, pick just one round of golf and shout out something that will turn some heads but not so overboard that other golfers think you missed an appointment with a psychiatrist!
  3. Follow the rules on your golf cart, but when given the opportunity, ride like it’s the bat mobile and Gotham just turned on the bat signal.
  4. Round up some of your closest friends, the ones you can really cut loose with, and have them cheer incessantly as if you were on the PGA tour and then take turns doing the same for them.
  5. Consider having a theme golfing day; pick an era (e.g. Shakespearean or the 1970’s) you don’t have to go full costume but get some wigs and really shake up the fun!

Golfing in The Villages Florida

In all seriousness, our suggestions at Happy Villager are definitely “outside the box”, feel free to refer to the pro’s at GolfDigest.com 18 new years golf resolutions for 2016.

Check out the Article, Let us know what you think.



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