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Gators, Turtles, Deer and You never leave the Airboat!


Swamp Fever Airboat Adventures
“Catch the Fever”

With an expanding shoreline and alligators galore, Lake Panasoffkee is remarkable and more than just a swamp. And who better to lead the grand tour than Captain Ron of Swamp Fever Airboat Adventures!  He has 50+ years experience on airboats and is also USCG certified.  Yes, he knows this area like the back of his hand.

Now, let’s set the scene:

Still primarily natural, the property is a mixture of pine flatwoods, freshwater marshes and oak scrub forest. The western portions contain some of the oldest and largest trees in the area. The boundary of this property extends over three miles along the eastern floodplain of the Withlacoochee River. So, instead of just any airboat tour you could have, Captain Ron is all about taking you on an adventure!

Get your cameras ready!

“Swamp Thang” is about to get you up close and personal to beautiful habitat. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled, you never know when an alligator, deer, turtles and more may be right beside you! Most wildlife you can see year round! But remember that these are wild animals, so Mother Nature makes no guarantees. Spotting wild animals makes each airboat tour unique and exciting!

“Swamp Thang” glides through the river with its low noise hum, sifts through the Lilly pads and puts you right where you want to be, in natures hands. You will be riding through the backwoods, marsh and into the springs. With Captain Ron as your guide and beauty abounding, Lake Panasoffkee is sure to please your party!

Only mere miles from The Villages, Florida, Swamp Fever Airboat Adventures caters to The Villages residents. They are here to bring you a tour, adventure style! From ages young to seasoned, this is an eco-tour that will leave you telling stories and grant you pictures that you couldn’t get anywhere else!

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