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Deck the Halls with boughs of Holly, Fa la la la la la la la la! A very Merry Christmas tune and when listened closely to the words sends our hearts full swing into Christmas joy! So often even before we have digested our Thanksgiving turkey our subconscious is whistling some Christmas tune! Honestly though, […]
The FIRST Annual Hearts for our Hospital Bicycle Challenge presented by The Villages Regional Hospital and organized with the Sumter Landing Bicycle Club went off without a hitch!  This two-day event started with a Cycling Expo on Friday at La Hacienda Rec Center featuring the latest gear in cycling and safety. See our Facebook post […]
Mary Soares has a dazzling personality, a matter of fact way of speaking about the things she believes in and a wonderful back story to bring it all together.  Living in The Villages Florida for several years now she has sure settled in to her own niche and it would surprise you to know the […]
The Holidays are soon upon us and gift giving can be a really stressful time regardless of your stage in life. How can you decide what to give? How much should you spend? How can you decide what to give when toys may break, they will outgrow clothing that you buy, money can be spent […]
A look into the NY Giants Club in The Villages FLFOOTBALL FOOTBALL FOOTBALL!! Well the New York Giants didn’t make it to Super Bowl 50 this year but, their fans here in The Villages, Florida sure had a great year for 2015! See the Denver Broncos play the Carolina Panthers next weekend, eat some snacks […]
We have a photo contest! A photo contest that you can ACTUALLY stand a chance at winning, the contest of all photo contest. This contest is unique.  Beautiful children and grandchildren are fun to photo and we know how difficult it can be to judge based on cute factor. So, we at Happy Villager have switched it […]
NEW YORK MET’S 4 LIFE!! Loving the Game! Mets 4 Life! BASEBALL!!MET’S 4 LIFE!!!…says not only Mike Piazza, newly voted Major League Baseball Hall of Famer but, Stu Sachs as well, a long time devoted fan! The New York Mets have left quite a stamp on both of their lives. Read more below. Mike Piazza […]
Jean Sumner on a Mission in World Wellness September 28, 2015 by Jessica Parisoe When you look upon Jean Sumner, you see a busy and passionate individual; well-known and well liked among her peers and business acquaintances. Happy Villager is happy to have had the opportunity to sit beside this amazing woman and get an in […]
Lake Harris, affectionately known to us locals as “Harris Chain of Lakes” is not only the largest Lake in Lake County but, also revered as one of the most well-known lakes in the United States. This notoriety is due to many of its appealing and unrivaled facets. Let’s take a journey down Lake Harris and […]