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We know that kids get antsy as they near the end of a long school year, some getting ready for a trip to see Grandma and Grandpa, other times it’s camp or off to sports training. We had to investigate further, when hearing that for an End of the Year event there was to be a […]
Is high heat leaving your flowers wilted and sad looking? Did you know that there at least 24 different types of Florida loving flowers that thrive in our often high heat? All of these beautiful bouquets will not limp from dehydration (they are fine with a low water intake). Flower Power in the Hot Florida […]
Winter Wonderland at Compass Self StorageLOOK what we found! Spring may be just around the corner, but that did not close down this Winter Village. Fred and Lorraine, Managers at Compass Self Storage meticulously care for this grand display that will only last for a limited time. Read More here: Posted by Happy Villager […]
The 5th Annual Taste of Wellness was a HIT!Non-Profit World Wellness Education hosted and presented the 5th Annual Taste of Wellness at The Hacienda Recreation Center today and it was amazing! Thank you to all who came out to enjoy in the fun! Follow this link for the full article: Posted by Happy Villager […]
The Pinellas Plaza Craft Festival in The Villages FLDid you make it out to the Pinellas Plaza Craft Festival this weekend? If not here is a great recap of what you have to look forward to next year. Let us know what you think! See the full article Here: Posted by Happy Villager on […]
Winter Golfing with Friends in The Villages, FLHAVING FUN YET??? Golfing is great fun and even better when you’re with your spouse or friends. We have put together a good list of how to REALLY change up your game this year, along with 18 more from GolfDigest! See more on and let us know […]
When somebody asks you “how are you doing today?”, and you give back a standard “I am doing well, and you?”, how many of us can truly say “I am doing well”? What is ‘well’? You have the opportunity to learn and put that word into an actual and viable statement Saturday February 6th 10Am-1PM […]
The weather may have been a little overcast on Friday, December 4, 2015; what was shining bright though, was the hearts of the Volunteers at the Lake Miona Recreation Center. From 8:00 a.m. to noon, donated bicycles where dropped off or even picked up then fixed up and washed up, all in a great annual effort to donate these […]
We know somebody that can introduce you to a revolutionary way of cleaning your house with items she says will be able to take the place of the chemical based cleaners that you have grown to love so much. That’s right, you could be cleaning your home and protecting the environment all at the same […]