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Don Olson- The man behind the game.


Don Olson has been golfing since 1972, he was 32 years Old.  When Don was around 37/38 years old his wife Karen bought him the Golfing channel as a gift.  On the Golf Channel he kept seeing ads that said “Come to The Villages Florida where you can golf for the rest of your life for free!” He was astounded, because in Minnesota it cost him $25 – $50 to golf each time. At this point he was pretty much sold on living in The Villages. He rented his first home here in 2002 and now resides full time in Tierra Del Sol.

The Golf courses in The Villages, FL are by far more cost effective especially for being championship golf courses. His Golf skills took him some time with lessons here and there, and practice on the range, while juggling family life over the years he became an avid golfer. His wife Karen of 40 years golfs with him in some of the most amazing places: Hawaii, New Mexico, California all over the US and she accompanies him on many other adventures including: water skiing, fishing, boating, and ATV Tracking in the woods. He now practices golf twice a week and plays about three times a week. He has played on all of the championship courses and is working his way at playing on all 32 courses in The Villages, FL.

When Don first starting playing golf in The Villages, FL he was shooting in the high 70s/low 80s with a range of 250 yards to 275 yards. He now says “I have digressed to the point of 225/250”.  He mentioned “One the great things about The Villages courses is that as your distance begins to decrease you just move up on the tees”.  He says “what you should do is pay attention to using tees that are comfortable to you.” “Golf is made to be fun. Go out and play with your buddies and wife and play from tees that are comfortable to your game.” When asked about the most challenging game there is to be played we were anticipating a real tough golf course; Don aptly and honestly answered from his heart “Life is the most challenging game you can play.” If you are having a sporting time on the greens or just out to swing some clubs it doesn’t matter, it seems as Don would put it “With golf you can be 7, 15 or 90 there is no age barrier, you can be as good as you want to be or as bad as you want to be” From driving to pitching, from putting and sinking for Don Olson “Golf should always be fun.”

Thanks to Don Olson for some insight into his golfing background and why HE calls The Villages home.