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End of the Year School Fun for Local Grandkids!

We know that kids get antsy as they near the end of a long school year, some getting ready for a trip to see Grandma and Grandpa, other times it’s camp or off to sports training. We had to investigate further, when hearing that for an End of the Year event there was to be a […]

Flower Power in Florida’s High Heat

Is high heat leaving your flowers wilted and sad looking? Did you know that there at least 24 different types of Florida loving flowers that thrive in our often high heat? All of these beautiful bouquets will not limp from dehydration (they are fine with a low water intake). Flower Power in the Hot Florida […]

Winter Wonderland that lives on well past “Holiday” timeline

Winter Wonderland at Compass Self StorageLOOK what we found! Spring may be just around the corner, but that did not close down this Winter Village. Fred and Lorraine, Managers at Compass Self Storage meticulously care for this grand display that will only last for a limited time. Read More here: http://bit.ly/HV-Winter-Wonderland Posted by Happy Villager […]