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The NY Giants Club “Embrace the Grind” here in The Villages

A look into the NY Giants Club in The Villages FLFOOTBALL FOOTBALL FOOTBALL!! Well the New York Giants didn’t make it to Super Bowl 50 this year but, their fans here in The Villages, Florida sure had a great year for 2015! See the Denver Broncos play the Carolina Panthers next weekend, eat some snacks […]

Happy Villager Photo Contest for The Villages FL!

We have a photo contest! A photo contest that you can ACTUALLY stand a chance at winning, the contest of all photo contest. This contest is unique.  Beautiful children and grandchildren are fun to photo and we know how difficult it can be to judge based on cute factor. So, we at Happy Villager have switched it […]

Stu’s hobby, or should we say passion for Sports Collectibles

NEW YORK MET’S 4 LIFE!! Loving the Game! Mets 4 Life! BASEBALL!!MET’S 4 LIFE!!!…says not only Mike Piazza, newly voted Major League Baseball Hall of Famer but, Stu Sachs as well, a long time devoted fan! The New York Mets have left quite a stamp on both of their lives. Read more below. Mike Piazza […]

Jean Sumner on a Mission in World Wellness

Jean Sumner on a Mission in World Wellness September 28, 2015 by Jessica Parisoe When you look upon Jean Sumner, you see a busy and passionate individual; well-known and well liked among her peers and business acquaintances. Happy Villager is happy to have had the opportunity to sit beside this amazing woman and get an in […]

How to have the most fun on Lake Harris!

Lake Harris, affectionately known to us locals as “Harris Chain of Lakes” is not only the largest Lake in Lake County but, also revered as one of the most well-known lakes in the United States. This notoriety is due to many of its appealing and unrivaled facets. Let’s take a journey down Lake Harris and […]

The Villages Sports Card & Collectible Club Show

Happy Villager was invited to enjoy a “Show and Sell” put on at the Laurel Manor Rec Center hosted by The Villages Sports Card and Collectible Club. This is a club created by The Villages residents for The Villages residents; for the purpose of sharing of sports material and in the process create an atmosphere for […]

Gators, Turtles, Deer and You never leave the Airboat!

Swamp Fever Airboat Adventures “Catch the Fever” With an expanding shoreline and alligators galore, Lake Panasoffkee is remarkable and more than just a swamp. And who better to lead the grand tour than Captain Ron of Swamp Fever Airboat Adventures!  He has 50+ years experience on airboats and is also USCG certified.  Yes, he knows this […]

A common House Fire cause and How to prevent it!

A common House Fire cause and how to prevent it! There is an unnoticed yet, all too common house fire cause, one that needs not to be overlooked. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 15,000 fires are sparked every year by clothes dryers.  Lint and other debris can build up in […]

Is your roof Bone Dry in The Villages Florida?

Got Leaks? Bone Dry Roofing is the call to make in The Village… Got Leaks? Bone Dry Roofing is the first call to make when you need ROOF HELP! Let Theresa tell you why she chooses Bone Dry Roofing every time. Call or Message them on Facebook today! Read more about Bone Dry Roofing on […]


PIZZA- THE LOVE, THE STORY, THE ORIGINAL PIE Who doesn’t have a favorite pizza? Crispy thin crust or thick crust, floppy and cheesy or deep dish; it’s an anything and everything goes, no holds bar gotta have it food we all love. Even if you have allergies or sensitivities there is a way around it, […]