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End of the Year School Fun for Local Grandkids!

We know that kids get antsy as they near the end of a long school year, some getting ready for a trip to see Grandma and Grandpa, other times it’s camp or off to sports training. We had to investigate further, when hearing that for an End of the Year event there was to be a […]

Night Life

How to get a good seat at The Sharon!

Have you seen any great shows at The Sharon lately? The Temptations Revue, The Million Dollar Quartet, The Villages Philharmonic? If you did we would love for you to tell us your story about the amazing experience you had and we might put your story and or pictures on our website! The Sharon has many exciting events: […]


The Hearts For Our Hospital Bicycle Challenge!

The FIRST Annual Hearts for our Hospital Bicycle Challenge presented by The Villages Regional Hospital and organized with the Sumter Landing Bicycle Club went off without a hitch!  This two-day event started with a Cycling Expo on Friday at La Hacienda Rec Center featuring the latest gear in cycling and safety. See our Facebook post […]


Golfing with Friends in The Villages, FL

Winter Golfing with Friends in The Villages, FLHAVING FUN YET??? Golfing is great fun and even better when you’re with your spouse or friends. We have put together a good list of how to REALLY change up your game this year, along with 18 more from GolfDigest! See more on and let us know […]


Enjoying a Day at the Taste of Wellness 2016

The 5th Annual Taste of Wellness was a HIT!Non-Profit World Wellness Education hosted and presented the 5th Annual Taste of Wellness at The Hacienda Recreation Center today and it was amazing! Thank you to all who came out to enjoy in the fun! Follow this link for the full article: Posted by Happy Villager […]

Have You Met?

Have you met… The Crafty and Talented Mary Soares

Mary Soares has a dazzling personality, a matter of fact way of speaking about the things she believes in and a wonderful back story to bring it all together.  Living in The Villages Florida for several years now she has sure settled in to her own niche and it would surprise you to know the […]